Easy Plans helps you get the most out of your extended health-care plan based on your unique needs & priorities, and what you and your family require to be adequately covered.

We are your solution for finding the right health and dental plan to protect you and your family.

We have conducted an in-depth comparison and evaluation of all the components of more than 25 health plans available from the most common carriers. Then based on your feedback, Easy Plans calculates the three most suitable plans for you and your family.

Simply complete our free and easy questionnaire; our system will identify the 3 most suitable plans to meet your needs and you will receive an email with further information and instructions on how to apply for the coverage.

Take the worry out of choosing the right plan for you and your family. Our system will provide you with the reassurance and confidence that you have chosen the best plan for your family. Protect yourself with confidence. Free and easy.

Comparing plans
Easy Plans detailed benefit valuation ensures you get more of what you want from your health plan and less of what you don’t need, making your dollars go further & maximizing your value.

Already covered?

With Easy Plans system it could be time to re-evaluate.
Even if you have an extended health-care plan already, you still have a choice of which provider supplies that coverage. Have you evaluated recently how much you are spending and what you are getting in return for that premium?

How can you be sure that you chose or were sold the right plan? Could there be a better plan out there for you and your family? Enter Easy Plans!

You now have the means to compare your current plan to over 20 alternatives. Harness our research and expertise to help you determine if there is a better option for you and your family.

Some plans allow you to transfer to their program without medical questions, provided you were covered elsewhere immediately before or in the preceding 60 days.

Case study


  • That the value of a personal health plan could be measured by its level of risk mitigation from high-cost / low-probability occurrences, and your net cost to maintain this coverage.

  • That your actual cost of coverage could be subsidized by the amounts you get back from your more frequent and routine reimbursement claims. In other words, you could get more money back than you pay

  • Calculate: Total Premium paid – cash reimbursements received = net cost (net premium)

  • Example: $300 per month x 12 months = $3,600 per year – $2,400 cash claim reimbursements received = net cost of $1,200.

  • Result: $1200 is the actual net cost of the plan to maintain coverage for higher-risk occurrences.

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