Easy Plans is a software application developed for its affiliate IB insurance solutions, an insurance broker and advisory service that is on your side.

We are here to help you identify the best extended health-care plan(s) for you and your family. We are not an insurance company. By using Easy Plans, you won’t have to spend hours trying to choose the right plan or procrastinate on such an important purchase.

Easy Plans does all of the thinking for you by automatically comparing and evaluating more than 25 different plans in response to your inputs into our questionnaire. We’ve taken the time to compare all of the options, so you don’t have to. Easy Plans will then guide you through the selection and application process to make the whole experience as seamless and simple as possible.

How does Easy Plans make money?

  • If you purchase an extended health-care plan through Easy Plans, Easy Plans receives a commission directly from the insurance provider.

  • What makes us unique from other service providers is that we have spent literally dozens and dozens of hours researching and evaluating many different health plans so that you can identify the best plan for you and your family in just a few minutes. We do not deal with just one or two insurers and we are not employed by an insurance company. We have access to over 40 different health plans from several different carriers.

  • Some brokers may quote the same price as we do for a particular plan … our unique advantage is that we offer you the peace of mind of knowing that you are receiving the most advantageous plan for you. This will often result in a lower net cost as a result of claim reimbursements from the plan.

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